Transform your favorite motif into art

A single thread

100% customizable

no color, no print

This is one thread

We depict your favorite motif as a work of art with just one thread.


your personal motive


Shown with a single kilometer long thread


Realistic illustration


Perfect as a gift

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The extras

30 days satisfaction guarantee

We are convinced that you will love your thread picture. That’s why you can send it back 30 days free of charge if you don’t like it.

1 image = 1 tree

It is our goal to act in a climate-neutral manner. That’s why we plant one tree per OneThread image with .

In 4 steps to your work of art

1. Upload your favorite motif to our configurator.

2. If you are satisfied with your configuration, you can commission production for €139.

3. We start the production and keep you up to date by email.

4. Your personal OneThread thread picture will be delivered to you by DHL within 4 working days.

Our customers are enthusiastic

★★★★★ (53) 4.85/5.00

We love our customers – and they love us! 100% customer satisfaction. Your OneThread thread image will inspire. If not, you can return it free of charge within 30 days and get your money back.

4 reviews for Individuelles OneThread Fadenbild

  1. Tim

    Alles top, mega nett, bemüht und das Ergebnis ist natürlich auch super gelungen. Da das Fadenbild beim Auspacken erstmal nicht direkt zu erkennen ist und erst ab einem gewissen Abstand sich zu einem detaillierten Portrait zusammensetzt, ist ein Wow-Effekt beim Schenken garantiert! Auch die Verpackung ist hochwertig und schick. Besser kann es nicht sein, kann ich nur empfehlen 🙂

  2. Michael

    Die Ware ist heute angekommen und meine Frau und ich sind echt überwältigt. Absoluter Hammer.
    Werd ich für meine Frau wohl auch nochmal machen bzw für meine Eltern.
    Das wird eine Riesenüberraschung für meine Schwiegereltern zur Silberhochzeit.
    Nochmals mein ganz großer Respekt zu dieser Leistung.

  3. Anne-Marie

    Ich habe jetzt schon zwei eurer Bilder verschenkt, es kommt immer mega gut an! Auch die Bildqualität ist hervorragend, da kann man nichts falsch machen.

  4. Amala

    Eure Bilder sind das Beste, was ich seit langem gesehen habe. Es ist so persönlich, so gut gemacht, und es ist einfach ein Kunstwerk. Ich komme aus dem Staunen nicht mehr heraus.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What does an image of OneThread consist of?

A OneThread thread picture consists exclusively of stainless steel nails arranged in a circle and a polyester thread on a white cotton canvas. There is no print hidden behind the picture – the picture only comes about through the thread. For the entire image, we use a single, continuous thread that runs through the entire motif.

The canvas also offers the possibility of hanging the picture securely on a nail or screw.

Can the thread break?

The thread is made of polyester and is tear-resistant like a nylon thread. The thread will not tear by itself. The picture can even be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner without harming the thread or nails.

Even if you cut the picture from the outside with scissors, it doesn’t fall apart, only a few short pieces of thread hang out because the thread is very tightly woven. Just like a sweater won’t fall apart if it gets a hole.

What is there to consider with the configurator?

With the configurator you can upload your motif and get a preview. The exact course of the thread is only determined later during production, so the configurator only provides an approximate preview. For photos, this preview comes very close to the final image and from a distance of approx. 2-3 meters you can hardly see any difference between the configurator preview and the real thread image.

Deviations can occur, especially with very small details such as small letters or thin lines of a logo. If these fine details are important to you, please send us the image in advance for review via support .

If you allow, someone from our graphic design team will edit your image and can, for example, remove the background or change image content to improve the quality of the end result.

What are the requirements for the source image?

A resolution of approx. 800×800 pixels is usually sufficient for the best possible quality. If you are unsure, you can send us the picture in advance for assessment via support .

In the configurator you can choose the section for your motif that corresponds exactly to the round format of the thread pictures.

You can use all common image formats for the upload in the configurator.

If the image consists of individual elements, such as the letters of a logo, and also has a transparent background, the individual elements will later be connected with threads. Otherwise we cannot create the motif from a single thread. The configurator cannot show where these connecting lines are located.

It doesn’t matter if the image is uploaded in black and white or color, we convert it automatically.

How can I keep the thread image clean?

Usually no dust is visible on the threads within the first year. If it gets dusty at some point, you can vacuum the entire surface with a vacuum cleaner and an upholstery nozzle. It is important that you use a wide vacuum cleaner nozzle without bristles and that you drive over the nails without pressure. The lowest level of the vacuum cleaner is completely sufficient.

If the white canvas gets dirty, you can easily wipe it off with a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth and some soapy water or window cleaner.

What is the ideal viewing distance?

If you stand directly in front of the picture, you will mainly perceive the thread. If you want to perceive the subject as a whole, you should stay at a distance of about 2-3 meters. From a distance of 4 meters, most people can hardly see any threads and take the picture for a black and white photo.

How big is the canvas? Are there also smaller/larger pictures?

The diameter of 50 cm refers to the entire canvas. The nail-free area around the motif is approx. 1 cm wide, ie the motif is approx. 2 cm smaller than the canvas.

We currently only offer our thread pictures in one size. Special formats cannot currently be offered for technical reasons.

Something is still unclear and you have unanswered questions? Feel free to contact us!